Laws of the Game

Seattle Futsal follows the FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game.


FIFA Laws of the Game: PDF




Basic Rules of Futsal to Know


- Players have 4 seconds to play the ball in from any dead ball situation.


- Substitutions take place "on the fly". Teams can substitute at any time, whether the ball is in play or not, but the player coming out must come all the way off the court before the player coming on can enter.


- Kick-ins instead of throw-ins from the sidelines.


- Goalies play it out with their hands instead of a goal kick when it's a dead ball over the endline.


- Goalies can only touch the ball once per team possession. (This rule is in effect to avoid time wasting).


- Goalies cannot throw the ball over the half line in the air.


- Fouls accumulate, and the 6th foul and each one after will result in a penalty kick from the secondary penalty spot. Fouls reset at halftime.


- Teams have a 1min timeout per half. In order for a team to call a timeout, the ball must be out of bounds and it must be their possession.


- Futsal is a low contact sport. There is some contact allowed, but fouls are generally called tighter than in outdoor soccer.



Head-Injury Protocol: We take potential head-injuries seriously. If a player is suspected of having a head injury, they will be removed from play immediately. They cannot reenter play until they have written clearance from a licensed physician. 

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