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About Futsal

Futsal and FIFA


Futsal is the only form of indoor soccer recognized by FIFA.  It's a fast paced game, played 5-on-5 on a wall-less hard-court surface, with a slightly smaller ball with less bounce.  Futsal emphasizes quick thinking, technique, and foot-skill development.  Seattle Futsal has been organizing the sport in the Seattle area since 2009.


Futsal is popular throughout South America, Europe, and Asia, but especially so in Brazil, and represents an important role in the development of the Brazilians superior ball handling skills. 



Ball Control, Foot Skills, and Decision Making


When compared with indoor walled-soccer, futsal places a greater emphasis on ball control and ball skills. The hard court surface causes the ball to move more quickly than it does on grass or field turf, and along with the smaller playing area, requires players to develop a greater command of their foot skills and decision making.



More Touches Per Player


A major benefit of futsal is the fact that it's played 5v5, so all players are continuously involved and getting touches on the ball.



Size of Playing Field = Fast Action!


With the size of the playing field being small when compared with outdoor soccer, the result is all players being involved on both defense and offense, with quick back and forth scoring opportunities.


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